Business Areas

Search of investors and fulfillment of productive and industrial joint venture agreements. Strategic alliances.

Greenfield investments
Solutions to issues related to the settlement of companies in the country to invest and begin new operations. Access to government issues, investment promotion policies, financial, legal and customs support.

Development of industrial and commercial agreements
With car manufacturers, autoparts, steel and energy industries.

Real Estate
Management and Project Management at all stages of business, from the analysis, going through the integration and planning to the implementation and evaluation. Investment Opportunities.

Feasibility evaluation on agricultural projects. Extensive planting, intensive production. Development of different types of feed mills (Feed grade) and plants producing food for human consumption (Food grade). Transformation of vegetal origin proteins into animal proteins.

Logistics and river transport
By barges, connecting the waterway for transportation of grains, minerals, fuels and vehicles.

Legal support before processes or investigations for dumping
Subsidies iniciated by governments of those countries to which our customer is exporting. Active actions to avoid injury to industrial sectors threatened by imports from third countries at dumped prices and / or subsidized. Management application of safeguard clauses.

Arbitration between companies and international
Negotiations that facilitate trade agreements amongst privates avoiding the intervention of the governments of the countries involved.(VRAs)

Vertical Integration Programs
Within the same value chain, articulating the capacity that large firms have to improve the competitiveness of their related small and medium companies, clients and suppliers.