Accrenus is a global company with focus in the Americas. Accrenus provides Innovative solutions to customers searching to diversify and optimize their business processes in the international market.

We know that nowadays it is not sufficient to be present in an export market with a single commercial participation. The threat of being displaced by initiative of the competing domestic industry of the country to which you export is very high, especially when you hold an important portion in that market. Therefore, we provide the necessary network capacity for Greenfield investments and develop processes of M&A and Strategic Alliances (JV) in order to make our customer's continuance in the target market sustainable in time.

Accrenus' Strength lies in the capacity to support customers in the defense of investigations for dumping and subsidies initiated by those governments to which customers are exporting, as well as to iniciate processes in those countries where customers are already settled in order to strengthen their position.

Accrenus has business units to manage the direction and management of Real Estate projects in all stages of business. Logistics and Transport Consulting. Feasibility evaluation of Agricultural Projects. Development of innovative food technologies.

Accrenus challenges you to navigate our website to understand why we define ourselves as passionate about growth. In Accrenus we feel that accompanying the growth of our clients with vocation, tenacity and commitment is our real Passion.